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Monday, October 19, 2009

Socialization of New ORARI Rules & Band Plan in Local Cibeunying / Sosialisasi Aturan Baru ORARI di Lokal Cibeunying

In Saturday, October 17, 2009, ORARI Local Cibeunying organized socialization of new ORARI Rules & Band Plan based on new Indonesia Minister of Communications & Informations Technology Rule nr. 33/2009 dated August 31, 2009. Since this Rule release, ORARI under administration of Ministry of Communications & Informations Tech.. Before, ORARI under administration of Ministry of Transportation.

Basicly, this New Rules give ORARI more frequency allocation, and give ORARI members and member candidates several simplicities. These to accomodate more people to join Amateur Radio, and to support ORARI function as Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Aid. Good Amateur Radio Stations those still could operate in natural disaster situations (have stable antenna, uninterruptable power supply) could be operated as emergency radio stations connect large area of Indonesia. Before, most of ORARI members are in Siaga Class (YD & YG) who could not operate Phone in 40m band. With this new rule, YD & YG could operate CW, Phone, and Narrow Band Data (with SSB) nationally and internationally (DX) on 40m. This really increases ORARI capability to be Emergency Radio Stations. In many cases of natural disasters, eg. earthquakes, floods, and landslides, fix and mobile phone operations are down. While 40m band is ideal band to communicate every parts of Indonesia.
Before, frequency allocation for Amateur Radio in Indonesia in 40m was from 7.0-7.1MHz, now increased from 7.0-7.2MHz. Other simplicities given eg. lower speed of Morse examination, and increasing maximum power that could be utilized in every classes. This new Minister rule also ensures that DX stations from outside Indonesia could communicate with more ORARI members, not only with CW, but also with SSB, and Narrow Band Digital in DX bands (40m, 15m, and 10m).
Our sincere thanks to Willy Amwaludin (YD1GZA) as organizers chief and to All who have helped to organize this occasion.

Another attendants, sorry I could not recognize All:

R. Moch. Rachmat W. (YB1CY), Ir. Supra Dekanto (YB1KKK), Gatot Dewanto, SH. (YE1GD), Ir. Susilo S. (YC1BRT), Yaya Sudarya (YC1JYS), Saidjoer (YD1BGX), Dadang Sudiana, SE. (YC1KDD), Nunung Priyatna (YC1NUN), Roosdiarto Rooskandar, ST. (YG1CRR), Chitra Mayarani (YD1INA), Sunaryo (YD1CYO), Windy Elizabeth (YD1LZW), Endang Kustiwa Eka (YB1EKA), Nana Suryana (YD1NAC).

Thank You very much All for coming.
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R. Moch. Rachmat W. (YB1CY), ..., ...Ir. Supra Dekanto (YB1KKK), ..., Gatot Dewanto, SH. (YE1GD)..., Windy Elizabet (YD1LZW)Ir. Susilo S. (YC1BRT), ...Endang Kustiwa Eka (YB1EKA)Saidjoer (YD1BGX), Yaya Sudarya (YC1JYS)Chitra Mayarani (YD1INA)..., Dadang Sudiana, SE. (YC1KDD)