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Monday, February 09, 2009

Photos of ORARI Local Cibeunying Conference 2009 / Foto-Foto Musyawarah ORARI Lokal Cibeunying 2009

ORARI stands for Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia or in English: Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization. ORARI is part of IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) which logo in left. Almost every Amateur Radio Organization in various countries become member of IARU. Amateur Radios around the World use same standard in frequency allocation (only with slight differences), so We could communicate each other. ORARI established in 1968. ORARI divided into 10 areas (10 infixes), and each area divided into several locals. ORARI local Cibeunying belongs to area 1 (West Java & Banten Provinces).

This conference held in Bandung, February 8, 2009, in order to choose new organizers of this local. As this Conference head, is Willy Amwaludin, YD1GZA, thank you Sir for organizing. Conference room lent by Indonesia Scout Movement (Gerakan Pramuka Kwartir Cabang Bandung). Thank you very much for lending us such beautiful building.

This Local Conference also attended by Maj.Gen.(ret) IGK Manila, YB0AA, as Vice CEO of National ORARI. Representative from ORARI Area 1 management was Aeng Setiawan (YB1CJG). Our sincere thanks for coming.

From this occasion, chosen as new ORARI Local Cibeunying CEO for 2009-2014: R. Moch. Rachmat W., YB1CY. Chosen as members of Counsellor: Dr. Ir. Budi Santoso (YB1BS), Gatot Dewanto, SH. (YE1GD), and Ir. Susilo S. (YC1BRT). Congratulations.

Another attendants (I couldn’t remember All):

Roosdiarto Rooskandar, ST. (YG1CRR), Undang Sudrajat (YD1BDC), Frihendani, SE. (YF1FRI), Soeparman (YD1BPK), Ir. Adang Sadikin (YC1BAR), Djoko Suryono R. (YD1OQY), Saidjoer (YD1BGX), Yaya Sudarya (YC1JYS), Ir. Sriyono (YC1JUN), Ir. Supra Dekanto (YB1KKK), Nana Suryana (YD1NAC), Dadang Sudiana, SE. (YC1KDD), Nunung Priyatna (YC1NUN), Danny Munadjat (YB1HKM), FX Handy Mulyana (YC1NZ), Drs. Agoes S. (YC1DOC), Jocky Chahyana (YC1JC), Windy Elizabeth (YD1LZW).

Thank You All For Coming.

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Conference backgroundIr. Susilo S. (YC1BRT), MajGen. IGK Manila (YB0AA), Soeparman (YD1BPK)..., Aeng Setiawan (YB1CJG), MajGen. IGK Manila (YB0AA)..., ..., MajGen. IGK Manila (YB0AA), ......, Aeng Setiawan (YB1CJG)Djoko Suryono R. (YD1OQY), ..., Yaya Sudarya (YC1JYS), ...Nana Suryana (YD1NAC), ...Ir. Adang Sadikin (YC1BAR), Saidjoer (YD1BGX)Drs. Agoes S. (YC1DOC), ..., ...Willy Amwaludin, YD1GZA, Conference HeadR. Moch. Rachmat W., YB1CYWindy Elizabeth (YD1LZW), ...Frihendani, SE. (YF1FRI)Dadang Sudiana, SE. (YC1KDD), Djoko Suryono R. (YD1OQY)Ir. Adang Sadikin (YC1BAR), Ir. Sriyono (YC1JUN), Drs. Agoes S. (YC1DOC)Gatot Dewanto, SH. (YE1GD)Nunung Priyatna (YC1NUN), ..., ...Took lunchDr. Ir. Budi Santoso (YB1BS)..., Dr.Ir. Budi Santoso (YB1BS), Danny Munadjat (YB1HKM)Undang Sudrajat (YD1BDC)New CEO & Counsellor Board electedInauguration