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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Danger of Developing Nuclear Power Plant in Indonesia & Other Countries

Indonesia government starts looking for alternative source of electric power energy, such nuclear energy. But I do not think that’s a good idea, because of specific conditions of Indonesia, the area with highest earthquake and landslide numbers in World. Nuclear power plant produces at least 55 MegaWatt, and to produce 55 MW electricity, needed numbers of Uranium 235.

Those numbers of U-235 equal with 3x nuclear bomb power downed in Hiroshima. So when that nuclear power plant operated, and earthquake or landslide happened, usually with high Richter Scale, that nuclear power plant would leak, and the radiation would kill more than 10 million peoples and causes permanent injury to millions others.

No building or structure in World could against strong earthquake, always has cracks. For countries with high earthquake and landslide numbers, like Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan ROC, and Japan, of course have to develop other kinds of electric power plants, like geothermal, sun, wind, sea wave, garbage, biomass, and dozens others, which have less risks.

Peoples of World still anxious about Chernobyl accident in 1986, killed many peoples, caused permanent injuries to many others, and causing high radiation up to now to Chernobyl surrounding areas. Observer in Sweden in 1986, reported danger level of nuclear radiation reached Sweden when Chernobyl blowed. Careless plan in utilization of huge nuclear energy could destroy human civilization. I pray to God, these nuclear disasters would not happen more anywhere in World.

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