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Friday, March 16, 2007

Effect of Sun Radiation to Radio Propagation & Earth Temperature

In early 2006, I made hypothesis that Sun radiation not only affects atmosphere ionization, but also affects Earth temperature. Sun radiation consists of lights in several wavelengths. From infrared with longest wavelength (lowest frequency) to ultraviolet (UV) with shortest wavelength (highest frequency). UV from Sun causes atmosphere molecules to release their electrons (called ionization). This ionization forms electron mirror in the atmosphere, reflects High Frequency (HF) radio wave transmitted from ground to far location at the other side of Earth. Part of atmosphere already ionized, called ionosphere. Atmosphere ionization varies from year to year, follows Sun radiation intensity. Sun radiation reaches maximum averagely every 10.7 years. In between Sun maximum radiation, there is Sun minimum radiation. Sun radiation reaches minimum averagely every 10.7 years also.

According to observation datas, Sun maximum radiation happened in middle of 1958, early 1969, end 1979, mid 1990, and early 2001. Next maximum Sun radiation I predict hopefully would happen in change between year 2011 and 2012. Around Sun maximum radiation time, High Frequency radio propagation is absolutely best. Long distance communication more than 20,000 km away, uses High Frequency is absolutely easy, lasts long, and signal is strong. On the contrary, around Sun minimum radiation time, HF radio communication distance is limited, only capable of short distance communication. Sun maximum radiation like “heaven” for DXer, when DXer could contact so many faraway stations, so fascinating. But for everyone who think, Sun minimum radiation is not bad also, because they think “minimum would be followed by maximum, and minimum Sun radiation is time to rest equipments, and prepare equipments face maximum Sun radiation”.

In mid 2006, exactly on early August 2006, Sun radiation reached minimum. HF radio propagation was very limited. My hypothesis was proven. Minimum radiation from Sun also lowered Earth temperature. Around mid 2006, Indonesia used to have dry seasson, and that 2006 dry seasson was tremendous (extreme dry and long) dry seasson. Many places in Indonesia suffered lack of water, usually not (at the same period). That because heat from Sun decreased followed decreasing Sun radiation. Minimum heat from Sun caused sea temperature too low to form cloud, caused lack of rain, especially on the winter area. Second proof was tremendous (extreme) cold winter in Northern Hemisphere around January and February 2007. Helsinski and North part of mainland USA experienced temperature down to -20°C (called ice storm). That was because heat from Sun still minimum also.

So Sun radiation not only affects radio propagation, but also affects Earth temperature. Scientifically we should think Sunlights from infrared to UV as kinds of energy. Infrared with lowest frequency has lowest energy. UV with highest frequency has highest energy. That energy (in ionization process) forces outest electron in atmosphere molecules to separate, forms electron layer, especially by Ultraviolet (UV). In heating occasion, Sunlight reaches molecules in Ground, absorbed by Ground molecules (called endoterm). Of course more radiation from Sun causes more heat absorbed by Ground (increases Earth temperature). Sounds simple, but important for living creatures preparation. This knowhow could be added to our knowhow to predict World climate and weather (Meteorology) in future.

Because of that proven hypothesis, I predict around year 2011 and 2012, not only HF radio propagation would be the best, but Earth temperature would raise little beat, would cause more cloud formed from hotter sea. That more cloud would cause more rains, more hurricanes, more typhoons, more floods, more landslides, and more heat strikes around 2011 & 2012 (all contrary to mid 2006 situation). I write this so we all could prepare better. We have to maintain our trees and plants so we won’t have tremendous floods and landslides. We have to maintain our trees and plants so heat strikes won’t be too extreme. (Trees could absorb heat, please read my other article on this blog).

Keep learn and research, and we all could share our common sciences and technologies, and use all those knowhows for common progress and peace of Earth. I pray to God for those.

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