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Friday, March 16, 2007

Love Your Plants & Trees & Make Greener Cities

Psidium Guajava
Do you realize that primary sources of oxygen for living creatures, like human, animals, and plants, now become rare? Because of growing Earth population, jungles, forests, parks, gardens, yards, and plantations changed into buildings. Number of plants and trees around the World become less than for example 50 years ago. Together with trees diminishing, free oxygen produced by plants also diminished, thus endanger our lifes and health.

In photosynthesis process: carbon, heat, and sunlight absorbed by leaves, and changed into glucose, water, and oxygen. Exactly in chemistry nomenclature like this: 6CO2 + 12HO + solar energy —> C6H10O6 + 6H2O + 6O2. Glucose (sweet) produced, could be sensed by eating fruits. Proofs about heat absorbed, and oxygen produced could be sensed when you pass big parks in daytime. Temperature suddenly dropped, and you feel fresh, because environment heat absorbed & you get more oxygen supply. Another proofs from that photosynthesis reaction, could be searched from your High School Biology lesson.

So how about now? Earth with 6 billion population, and always grows? Of course if we all would like to survive and healthy, we have to add our number of trees. Stop wood logging. If every Earth citizen plants 1 tree, there would be new 6 billion trees. Amazing.
Another reaction of photosynthesis is absorption of carbon. Carbon produced by machinery combustion, by kitchen burner, etc. could be absorbed by trees if We have trees/plants. If we don’t have trees/plants, those carbons in stable form of CO2 or unstable form of CO would just fill space between ground and high atmosphere, makes shield, makes difficult for heat to go out from Earth, called Global Warming Effect. So love trees, will reduce Global Warming Effect, because leaves absorb carbon produced from combustion. More We have trees like in jungles, more to be absorbed.

So behaviour like change your green yard into building is not good. Keep portions of your residence for plants to grow.

Another benefits of loving trees rather than buildings, are you would not get flood, landslide, and even trees could reduce earthquake effect. Tree roots especially big ones hold soil in slanting from sliding. When earthquake happens, tree roots could help us by holding soil from sliding also. In beaches with Tsunami potential, forests of mangrove could block Tsunami waves from destroying inner areas. In last December 26, 2004 Tsunami, cities with open beaches like Meulaboh and Banda Aceh were totally and half destroyed. 100% of Meulaboh was destroyed & 55% of Banda Aceh was destroyed. But there were several towns in Simeulue Island, also head to head with Tsunami source, only experienced destruction less than 5%. Amazing. That was because Simeulue beaches still covered with mangrove forests. Simeulue peoples didn’t change their mangroves to hotels and buildings. Indonesia and many countries in World have Tsunami potential: from Japan to Solomon, from California to Chile. So from now on, protect our lands by covering all beaches with plants & mangroves.

Trees also help us keep our water source. In rain seasson, area with many trees absorbs rain water, form water reserve underground. In dry seasson, that water reserve could be utilized. If we have enough water reserve, rivers and wells won’t be drained. Existence of water in rivers and wells are absolutely important for our life, for electricity, etc..

So from now on, love plants and trees. If we love another God creatures like them, they will protect us reciprocally. In the photo above, is fruit tree (Psidium Guajava). Beside gives cool temperature, that tree gives good scenery. Psidium Guajava produces fruits that contain plenty of Vitamin C. If you have this kind of tree, you don’t have to buy vitamin supplement. Because of high content of Vitamin C, this kind of Psidium Guajava could prevent you from having sicknesses like Dengue Fever. You could be bitten by vector mosquito, but your body plus Vitamin C from this fruit would form strong antibody.

In big city like Jakarta, Indonesia capital, with land area around 750 km², urbanization becomes huge problem for environment management. High number of urbanization makes this city changed its green areas to offices, factories, and housings. These function changes become problems for Jakarta like: killing flood, killing diseases, most polluted, and highest temperature. Source of this huge urbanization is unbalance distribution of investment. Jakarta controls 50 percent of Indonesia money, causes Jakarta as main destination of job seekers. So, main priority to control Jakarta environment problems is concentrating most infrastructures and investments outside Java and Sumatera (crowded islands). Jakarta population (night: 8 million, day: 12 million) should be reduced to 4 million in night and day, in order this city to function nice and comfortly. Now it’s time to think about relocation of Indonesia capital to outside Java and Sumatera, and move several Jakarta investments either. Rather than develop new hotels for tourists in Jakarta, for example, I think better build them in Central & East Indonesia, so seeking jobs citizen not concentrate in Java & Sumatera. Nation budget should be distributed according to area size. Sounds easy. I hope this could be lesson for another big cities around the World before disasters come.

Another benefit of green country is tourism. With green country, I’m sure many tourists would come, and more tourists come means more income.
So you see, too many benefits of loving plants and trees. From now on, start plant more plants, which would give you most benefit, and let’s make greener, cooler, fresher, and more beautiful Earth. I pray to God for that.

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